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A Global Digital Media Network – Digital Journal

Business Influencer Adella Pasos Reveals How SEO Can Make a Business Famous

June 18, 2020 – Anyone who has heard of Adella Pasos will remember her for the popular show, ‘What’s Your Game Plan’. The latest video from the show covers the most important topic of how SEO can make a business famous. 

Adella Pasos exudes the rare combination of beauty and the brain, and adds to it her unique and effective communication style. Adella guides other leaders and budding entrepreneurs to hone their skills, training tomorrow’s successful CEOs and brands by understanding their customers. Adella’s latest recommendation is to focus on search engine optimization or SEO.

After having worked with startups, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and creative talent, Adella has understood the power of SEO in building online presence, credibility, and the power to build traffic and following. There are niche and local markets to explore and conquer with SEO, and globally reputed brands to build by ranking higher up in search engine rankings with top SEO tips. 

The most common question for online businesses today is, ‘How to get on Google’, followed by how does SEO work, or how to rank on Google. The SEO industry has researched and looked into all of these, and come out with organic and inorganic SEO strategies to improve rankings.

Here is Adella’s video from her show: How