20 Amazingly Cool Twitter Tricks & Tips – Search Engine Journal

20 Amazingly Cool Twitter Tricks & Tips – Search Engine Journal

With 275 million users, Twitter is huge.

For you as a marketer, it promises a wide audience for your brand.

But if you’re handling all your company’s social platforms, it can be difficult to spend a ton of time on your Twitter account.

I’ve got great news for you:

You can use a bunch of amazing tips and tricks to make things faster, easier, and more convenient for you as you use Twitter.

In this post, I’ll show you 20 of them.

20 Tricks Only Twitter Experts Know

These hacks will make you seem like a Twitter whiz (plus they’ll save you a ton of time and energy).

1. Use an Image If Your Message is Longer than 280 Characters

This is easy to do! Simply take a screenshot of a note on your phone and add it to your tweet.

Here’s how Rand Fishkin did it.

20 Amazingly Cool Twitter Tricks & Tips

2. Compose Longer Tweets Using a Tweet Thread

Using screenshots is a great way to beat out the character limit on tweets.



But if it doesn’t feel right to you, you can create a string of tweets instead.

To do it, click on the Tweet button to start writing a new tweet.

After you’ve finished typing in your tweet, click the + (plus) button on the lower right of the tweet box.