Elevating Your Analytics: A Guide for SEO Beginners – Search Engine Journal

Elevating Your Analytics: A Guide for SEO Beginners – Search Engine Journal

Analytics can be daunting for many business owners and decision-makers.

Heck, it can be daunting for seasoned SEO veterans.

I’ve been working in SEO for longer than Google’s offered analytics, and I still find myself stumped at times, trying to think of how to best measure something.

Google Analytics is a complicated system with seemingly endless features and functions.

One can easily get overwhelmed and what’s worse, it’s easy to miss some important data points – often by simply not knowing how to access it or even that it exists.

Or as I like to think of it, not knowing the right questions to ask, because you don’t know how to frame it.

Over the years I’ve chatted with clients either over the phone, via reports, or more often – over a screenshare – and I’ve noticed a common trend where my go-to actions differ from theirs: Which configurations of data that I view as a default, that isn’t necessarily obvious to everyone.



I can’t count the number of times I’ve casually navigated in a way that prompts the exclamation, “You can do that?!”

And thus, this article.

Below we’ll explore a few of the more common areas of analytics that I view as “given”, that beginners might not even know exist.

1. Exclude Parameters

Google Analytics FBCLID

One of the most common issues I see in analytics is FBCLID and other, similar parameters.