6 Must-Know International SEO Tips for Expanding Businesses – Total Retail

6 Must-Know International SEO Tips for Expanding Businesses – Total Retail

Search engine optimization has a direct impact on where your website appears in search engine results pages (SERPs), so the better optimized your site is, the more visibility it’s likely to achieve. However, a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO doesn’t suffice when targeting new international markets. Your strategy needs to be adapted to each new territory individually. With that in mind, here are some must-know SEO tips for international expansion.

1. Adapt strategies for different search engines.

Although Google has 84 percent of the worldwide search engine market share, other search engines have stronger presences in certain countries, such as Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China. What works for Google doesn’t necessarily work for other search engines, so SEO strategies need to be adapted accordingly.

For instance, if you’re targeting the Chinese market, it’s essential to adapt your strategy for Baidu — the country’s largest search engine after its government “Great Firewall” blocked Google. Baidu’s algorithm and ranking factors are similar to Google’s, however, it doesn’t support Flash or Javascript, so all content must be available in HTML. Baidu also ranks homepages higher than internal pages, and looks for exact keyword matches in titles, so you should prioritize the optimization of your homepage over anything else.

2. Rethink domain structure.

The website you use in your home country isn’t guaranteed to be sufficient in another country. Websites should be aimed specifically at an intended audience, and domain structure should reflect this. Therefore, your domain structure needs to signify the country or language you’re