Enterprise SEO: Communication Within Your SEO Teams – Search Engine Journal

Enterprise SEO: Communication Within Your SEO Teams – Search Engine Journal

Communication in any organization is extremely important.

With enterprise SEO, communication is even more imperative to success.

A struggle that most enterprise organizations have is communicating across multiple teams, whether it be several SEO teams across a larger global organization or communicating SEO to verticals or other teams that don’t necessarily see SEO as a priority.

Coordinating SEO Teams for a Strong Foundation

Larger corporations will often have multiple offices spanning the globe with SEOs for each vertical or line of business.

Yet most of those platforms rely on the same central technology.

SEO teams will tend to work in silos which:

  • Result to issues with overlap.
  • Provide conflicting requirements across other teams.
  • Cause struggles to get buy-in from key stakeholders.

To avoid issues, it’s best to establish a plan for communication with all of the organization’s SEOs.

Recurring Meetings for SEO Teams

The first step in opening communication is to set up a recurring meeting with a clear agenda.



Weekly or biweekly in which everyone can hop on a video call and share updates on:

  • What their team is working on.
  • Recent issues they might have found.
  • Wins they would like to share.
  • Industry news they would like to discuss.

These agenda topics can help open the lines of communications.

The team might need a little push to keep communication open, so I tend to follow-up with an email prior to remind them all to be ready with something to share.

At times, I will also reach out to individuals personally to encourage them to share something during the meeting.

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