Amazon SEO – How to Rank Higher – Australian Times

Amazon SEO – How to Rank Higher – Australian Times

When someone tells you about SEO, you automatically think about Google. But Amazon algorithms work pretty similarly, and Amazon operates the same as the search engine. After all, potential customers type what product they are searching for, and Amazon generates most related items as a result. If you want to be among those first results, you need to work hard on your SEO. If you fail to do so, your products will receive less traffic, fewer sales, and your profit will be reduced.

Amazon’s search algorithm is called A9, by the company that handles Amazon’s SEO. 

To understand Amazon’s algorithm, you first need to understand that the main focus is efficient selling. If you optimize your listings according to relevance and performance, you will get the best result, a higher conversion rate, and more sales. The relevance and performance can be divided into subcategories, which will provide you with a brighter image on how to rank higher in Amazon’s search results. 

Relevance-Related Amazon Ranking Factors

The Product Title

Probably one of the most important factors when it comes to Amazon SEO and the relevance of your products is the product’s title. To optimize your product title, you need to:

  • Add your brand name
  • Incorporate a precise description of what your item does
  • Include a specific ingredient, essential material or anything else that distinguishes your product from others
  • Add your product’s color
  • Include the product’s size
  • Include the quantity of your product (if there is more than just one piece).

Always avoid keyword stuffing because it will not enhance your