TIPS FROM SCORE: Generating leads for your small business – Cape Cod Times

TIPS FROM SCORE: Generating leads for your small business – Cape Cod Times

Question: I know that sales drive my business. Any thoughts on lead generation in today’s environment?

Answer: Sales mean revenue and that is, in fact, the driver of all businesses, small and large. There are basically two sources of revenue with your current line of offerings: selling to existing customers — either more of the same or different products or services than they are currently buying; and selling to new customers where you have to generate the opportunity to sell to them, which starts with a lead.

To achieve both of these scenarios, you have to have very specific but different strategies and accompanying tactics. The one commonality is that your offer to potential buyers has to have added value for your customers and prospects.

The byword for lead generation in the pandemic period is creative. What worked in the past may not in this period of changing buying patterns and behaviors. Check out these ideas that you can customize for your business and the unique seasonal environment in which we all live and work.

Review your website’s call to action and SEO. Google yourself to see where you are on the search page when you type in your business name. If you are not 1, 2 or 3 on the list then you might have your webmaster or whoever is responsible for the maintenance of your website check out the SEO, the key words and the links. If you are not encouraging buyers to leave reviews on sites with links back