Watchtime episode 2: The future of search with Ric Rodríguez – MintTwist Blog

Watchtime episode 2: The future of search with Ric Rodríguez – MintTwist Blog

In our second episode of Watchtime, Aleksandra King interviews Ric Rodríguez, an award-winning SEO consultant and search guru who has recently taken on a new position at Vashi as Head of Search.

Originally coming from a musical background, Ric has been in the SEO industry for six years now. His beginnings into the digital industry were marked by his curiosity about Facebook’s algorithms and what is behind the newsfeed.

“Search marketing is not just my speciality, it is something that I absolutely love.”

He believes that search is essential in our fast-changing world. Moreover, Rodríguez states that there is a need of information, and what every SEO manager must ask themselves is if they are taking the right approach to understand the user, answering their questions and creating a unique experience.

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Ric Rodríguez is also a key speaker within the search engine world. He started talking about SEO online, using LinkedIn and Twitter as his main social networking tools. He notes a funny story, that back in the day, one of his followers told him that his LinkedIn was “too boring”. “That was true,” he said. ”I just needed to add my own spin to the news I was sharing”. He has not stopped to add his very own spin since then.

On a different note, talking about his greatest achievements, he remarks his time back at Regis, where he and his team focused on driving huge gains for