CallRail Enhances Conversation Intelligence Product with AI – Martechcube

CallRail Enhances Conversation Intelligence Product with AI – Martechcube

The Atlanta-based analytics platform is making best-in-class AI tools, including enhanced call insights,  available to businesses of all sizes

CallRail, a lead-focused analytics platform, announced today a new version of its Conversation Intelligence product that helps businesses of all sizes efficiently and affordably analyze valuable phone calls and take appropriate action. With automated call transcription and AI-powered call analysis, businesses can provide call quality assurance, increase customer satisfaction and identify training opportunities for employees. When engaging with businesses, 53% of customers prefer phone calls over other forms of communication, making automated call analysis crucial to efficiently identify, categorize, and analyze key insights.

The enhanced Conversation Intelligence product includes industry-leading call transcription accuracy and new word cloud reporting that easily visualizes patterns and highlights trends across customer conversations. The enhancements are built on the core Conversation Intelligence technology that automatically categorizes and highlights calls based on specific keywords identified in conversations. All of this is offered in a new fixed price package, making it affordable and accessible to all businesses.

“Our Conversation Intelligence product was created to help businesses gain key insights into the critical conversations happening every day. Understanding and acting upon these conversations can meaningfully improve both marketing activities and customer satisfaction,” said Mary Pat Donnellon, CRO of CallRail. “Conversation Intelligence can also save businesses resources and hours of manual work every week, helping them be more efficient and productive.”

Webistry, a data-centric advertising agency that specializes in social & PPC advertising, uses CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence