The Importance of Click Forensics in Transforming Marketing – Business 2 Community

The Importance of Click Forensics in Transforming Marketing – Business 2 Community

Despite being one of the oldest tricks in the digital marketing book, pay-per-click advertising, or “PPC” for short, is still one of the most widely used digital marketing tactics. With more advertising networks and a wider audience to tap into, PPC ads are perfect for both gaining exposure and converting your target audience into paying customers.

PPC advertising is also very effective to generate awareness for a new product or service. When launching a new e-commerce site, for instance, using PPC ads to direct traffic isn’t just good for brand awareness and organic audience growth, but also for customer conversion and the bottom line. Combined with other tactics such as SEO, SEM, and content marketing, you can magnify the impact of PPC ads.

However, understanding the impact of your digital campaigns requires full transparency. PPC ads need to be ruthlessly measured and accounted for, especially since you are paying for every click. Unfortunately, there are still cases of click fraud and misuse of PPC ads, which puts an even greater emphasis on the need for transparency of the data. Understanding click breakdown is an essential thing to do in today’s market – so here are a few key tips

Start by identifying clicks that matter

For this scenairo, we are going to focus on Google Ads, and its Ad Reports function. The same approach can also be implemented across multiple advertising networks and analytics tools, but Google still hosts the majority of existing PPC campaigns, making it the perfect