SEO: 9 Tips for Brand-friendly Content – Practical Ecommerce

SEO: 9 Tips for Brand-friendly Content – Practical Ecommerce

Branded marketing content and excellent organic search rankings are not mutually exclusive.

Content is among the most subjective aspects of search engine optimization. It has also become the most important. And the best content is unique, well-written, and relevant.

But that content should also mirror your brand’s messaging and voice. Here are nine tips to get started.

Optimizing Brand-friendly Content

1. Be unique. Nothing else in this list matters unless the words on your pages are yours alone. Scrambling the words doesn’t make them yours. Consider this example.

  • Original text from Wikipedia: “The Rock of Gibraltar, also known as the Rock, is a monolithic limestone promontory located in the territory of Gibraltar, near the southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula.”
  • Overly similar text: “The Rock of Gibraltar can be found near the tip of southwestern Europe. Also known as the Rock, it is a monolithic limestone promontory on the Iberian Peninsula.”

Though it’s not an exact copy, the “overly similar text” includes the same words, phrases, and concepts. Rearranging another source’s phrases won’t help your organic search performance.

Never copy and paste from another source, unless it’s a direct quote. And don’t quote long sections of another site’s text. Link to the source instead.

2. Write well. Search engines value well-written and grammatically-correct content. It’s part of the user experience. Typos, awkward phrasing, incorrect or vague information: All degrade your chances of ranking organically.

3. Provide contextual relevance. Optimizing content requires more than repeating keywords. Use related phrases and concepts. Investigate the other sites