Clear Ads Dominates DSP Business UK – AiThority

Clear Ads Dominates DSP Business UK – AiThority

George Meressa is a leading paid-advertising expert and founder of Clear Ads, an Amazon Advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP) agency currently dominating DSP business in the UK. Specializing in the field since 2009, Clear Ads has extensive knowledge in diverse industries, bringing an unmatched skillset to Amazon Advertising Management.

As part of an extensive rebrand, Amazon brought together its advertising capabilities (inclusive of AMS, AAP, and AMG) under the new umbrella term, Amazon Advertising. Amazon Advertising is divided into two distinct segments: the Advertising Console and Amazon DSP. While the Advertising Console is focused on traditional PPC (pay-per-click) ads, Amazon DSP offers display ads and pay-per-impression ad options.

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The demand-side platform is a programmatic solution for online sellers to buy display, audio, and video advertising. As defined by Wikipedia, DSP is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface.

Unlike Amazon’s PPC ads, Amazon DSP is designed to reach audiences across Amazon’s sites and apps (like IMDb) and leading publishers’ sites. Utilizing Amazon DSP as a marketing strategy lets brands advertise to potential customers efficiently and effectively at scale. The advantage to this is advertisers can programmatically buy display and video ads using customer targeting data only available through Amazon. Having the capacity to retarget customers, Amazon DSP works to