Have Your COVID Adjustments Come Too Late? | Adrian Dayton – JD Supra

Have Your COVID Adjustments Come Too Late? | Adrian Dayton – JD Supra

You must make major shifts in your marketing to win in this new environment. Bill Belichick, coach of the 6-time Super Bowl champs, the Patriots, was famous for making halftime adjustments that won him the biggest games, even when he was behind. Bill O’Brien, who coached under him for four years, went a step further and said “If you wait until halftime [to make adjustments], you’re in trouble.” The same is true of your need to make adjustments during COVID-19.

Take a quick inventory of what isn’t possible or has become less effective in the post-COVID reality. Conferences are canceled and virtual conferences don’t provide the same quality of networking, breakfasts, lunches, coffee meetings, and dinners are far more difficult and just aren’t happening at the same frequency and are likely of a lower quality, in-person office visits aren’t happening either.

So where do we turn? The moment COVID hit, email marketing hit an all-time high. The problem? Any marketing tactic that everybody is doing becomes much less effective, so the vast majority of emails are just ignored. Learn more about that here.

What does that leave us? Three powerful digital marketing tools that are more powerful now than ever include: content to drive thought leadership, social media to build and maintain relationships, and pay-per-click advertising (“PPC”.) Why these three specifically? I’ll explain.

First, in times of confusions and uncertainty, it is human nature to turn to trusted advisors. Relevant content is the best way