How to Work with an ‘SEO Guru’ Who Isn’t a Team Player – Search Engine Journal

How to Work with an ‘SEO Guru’ Who Isn’t a Team Player – Search Engine Journal

This week’s Ask an SEO question comes from Tim in Scottsdale. He asks:

“How do you work with “Roadshow SEO” gurus? I have a “famous” SEO in my office but he is aloof and so removed from our team that it is scary. I want to learn from him but it’s clear that he is checked out and doesn’t “work well with others”.”

Hi Tim,

Great to meet you and awesome question!

I’m pasting the last sentence of this article here because it is the most important one in the response.

“Your team is more important than one individual, keep the team happy and replace the problem so you can grow your company.”

The best way to answer this is in three parts:

  • You are running a company. This is on you, not the “SEO guru.”
  • He is in-house and not a contractor.
  • Find someone else or move him to a contractor.

You Are Running a Company or a Team

I’m going to guess this person was a consultant who went in-house.


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A lot of times it is hard for consultants to make the change from working in a silo and keeping knowledge to themselves to having to share.

As a consultant, your knowledge is your money.

But in-house, you’re being paid for that knowledge, not just for doing the work.

That goes to the main issue.

You as a manager or company owner need to take responsibility for your team.

You hired this person to work for your company and be on a team.

You are paying