Here’s how to boost web traffic in 2020 – AZ Big Media

Here’s how to boost web traffic in 2020 – AZ Big Media

Any frequent user of the world wide web knows that it’s a rabbit hole. You can log in to your computer and emerge two hours later, having surfed through hundreds of web pages in a single sitting. This effect – one of our attention and our curiosity – is what the world of marketing and content curation is all about: interesting us enough to click on links and watch videos. If you’re hoping to get your business or personal website visited by more people, here are some of the top tips to build an audience online in 2020.

Target Adverts

If you know who you’re trying to speak to, a targeted advert is a simple way in which to get placed in front of the very consumers you think will enjoy your website. If you’re a business, this is your ideal customer: the one that’s out likely to shop on your website. If you’re sharing a personal blog, this is anyone you think would find your writing and pictures interesting.

The key to targeting adverts successfully is to ensure there’s a return on your investment. Be careful to target adverts on a trial-and-error basis, checking what works, and A/B testing, to get your balance of investment and return just right. This is an ongoing process, but it’s sure to attract more web users to your website.

SEO Strategy

Meanwhile, your SEO is another important on-ramp to your website –