Tips to Maintain Your SEO During a B2B Website Redesign – Business 2 Community

Tips to Maintain Your SEO During a B2B Website Redesign – Business 2 Community

A common question we get at the start of a B2B web design project is, “How can we maintain our SEO during a website redesign?” If you’ve already put the effort into building a strong SEO foundation, you don’t want to lose it when you update the look and functionality of your website.

As an SEO Manager, below are my tips for maintaining your SEO before, during, and after a B2B website redesign.

Preparing for the New Website Launch

Run an SEO audit on your current site

Start by running an SEO audit of your existing website so you have a starting point and understand your current optimization level. Be sure to look closely at what pages are currently well optimized and bringing in organic traffic. Use Google Analytics or another SEO tool (like SEM Rush, Moz, Ahrefs, etc) to find the best performing pages. Use Google Webmaster tools to find where the website ranks for keyword search queries. Knowing which website pages rank for which terms will help you decide which pages to keep and what copy is doing well. Additionally, this will help you see which pages can be removed or need to be reworked (if they aren’t ranking).

On-page optimizations

Perform keyword research for your target terms or to identify new terms to target in your SEO strategy. If your SEO strategy is even only 2 years old, you can identify new keyword opportunities to include on any new website pages in your redesign.

Follow best practices