SEO: 5 Tips to Convert Visitors to Buyers – Practical Ecommerce

SEO: 5 Tips to Convert Visitors to Buyers – Practical Ecommerce

Search engine optimization focuses on driving consumers to your site. But traffic alone doesn’t pay the bills. Success depends on converting those visitors to customers.

Organic search traffic converts to revenue, on average, roughly 3 percent of the time, according to the studies I’ve seen, although the top converting sites reach 10 percent or more.

Remember that searchers drop onto your site with no navigational context. Searchers that query your brand typically have a goal in mind. Helping them accomplish that goal increases the likelihood of a purchase or at least a positive impression.

Others won’t know anything about your company. They haven’t seen the rest of your site — most of them won’t see your home page. They have no knowledge of the products you carry, the promotions you’re running, or what distinguishes your site.

Use these five tips to convert more searchers into buyers.

Converting Searchers into Buyers

1. Don’t rely on brand recognition. Most searchers chose your listing because it seemed at a glance to meet their needs.  It wasn’t because they recognized your company or the brands you carry.

For that reason, sites organized by product brand instead of type or feature will struggle in organic search. It’s harder for brand-oriented sites to rank for the non-branded queries that most people search for. It’s also harder for those non-brand searchers to navigate your site for the products and information they’re looking for.

2. Highlight promotions on every page. Prices are a major purchase consideration in most ecommerce sectors — the smaller your