Google Shares SEO Tips for Single Page Apps – Search Engine Journal

Google Shares SEO Tips for Single Page Apps – Search Engine Journal

In the latest Google Lightning Talks video, Martin Splitt shares tips for making single page apps discoverable by search engines.

The main difference between a regular, HTML-based, website and a single page app is the latter’s dependence on JavaScript.

JavaScript is used to create the HTML for a single page app which then creates the page.

JavaScript is required to load other content when users are navigating to different parts of a single page app.

When JavaScript loads new content it’s referred to as a “view.”

Relying on JavaScript for single page apps allows browsers to load views without doing a full reload.

JavaScript also allows for design elements such as custom transitions between different parts of the application.


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Simply put – JavaScript makes single page apps function the way they do.

The Challenges of Working With Single Page Apps

JavaScript is less than ideal for search engines when it comes to crawling and indexing.

As SEOs well know, even a moderate amount of JavaScript on a page creates a whole new set of challenges.

The challenge level is kicked up a notch when all content is wrapped in a layer of JavaScript.

That’s exactly the case with single page apps.

So what are SEOs to do if they’re tasked with getting a single page app indexed and ranked?

Here’s what Google recommends.

Google’s Advice for Single Page Apps

Splitt offers four main pieces of SEO advice for single page apps:


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