On-Page SEO Tips You Have Been Looking For! – Scubby

On-Page SEO Tips You Have Been Looking For! – Scubby

Blogging is really popular these days. Blogging gives them an opportunity to express themselves. But bloggers face hardships when it comes to attracting the right kind of traffic. They struggle to keep up with the ever evolving SEO algorithms. It is important to be prepared for Search Engine Optimization. Here in this article we are going to have a closer look at few on-page SEO techniques.

Title of the page

  • As far SEO is concerned, the page titles are extremely important. 
  • The page title should be unique in the first place. It should also have primary keywords in it.
  • Title should be really interesting as well. Only then people would like to come to your website to have a look at it. 
  • Title should be apt as well. You should do justice to the content by giving an apt title.

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are really important from SEO point of view. It is a big mistake to exclude Meta descriptions in your page. What do you mean by Meta descriptions in the first place? Meta descriptions are the short descriptions you have written for the content on the page. Here you should make sure that you have written a short description. And it should be filled with keywords. 

Meta tags

Meta tags are important too. You can have keywords as Meta tags. It is really important to utilize Meta tags. It is a crime to omit