No need to search far for tips on SEO – Worcester News

No need to search far for tips on SEO – Worcester News

There are so many elements that encompass SEO, says Chris Wyse, LocaliQ digital marketing consultant. Creating a simple strategy that’s easy to carry out and keep on top of, will make life a whole lot easier

IT’S so much easier to break up an SEO strategy into manageable pieces (e.g. technical SEO strategy, on-page SEO strategy, off-page SEO strategy), rather than have a million-page document. And it just so happens that an on-page SEO strategy is a great starting-point.

For those that aren’t sure what on-page SEO is, it’s an organic method for optimising each of your website pages in order to gain a higher search engine ranking, and is done through making changes and edits to various elements on the physical website. Here’s what you can do to create a simple, yet effective, on-page SEO strategy.

Define your target audience

In order to create effective content and understand which keywords will work best for people finding your business online, you need to define your target audience.

Characteristics like age, gender, hobbies, interests, location etc. should all factor into how you define your target audience. This will then inform the tone-of-voice you use for your written content, as well as the types of images you use and keywords.

Choose your keywords

There are a number of free and simple ways to carry out keyword research, just be aware it won’t be as comprehensive as paying for a