Do Incognito Searches Affect SEO or Rankings – Search Engine Journal

Do Incognito Searches Affect SEO or Rankings – Search Engine Journal

Today’s question comes from Tahmine in Kashan. Tahmine asks:

Does searching on incognito mode effect SEO ranking? We are searching from my work place with shared network would it effect too?

Great question Tahmine, there’s a lot to unpack here.

Before we can answer this we need to look at what actions actually affect SEO rankings, as well as what incognito mode actually does.

We know that Google has hundreds of ranking factors. Thousands, if you count all the stuff SEO professionals randomly make up on Twitter.

Among them are some basic information that Google can get from your browser.

When you do a search they know what country/language your browser is set to, they know your location, and if you have a Google cookie set, they know your search history.


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All of these things are used to help deliver more relevant search results specifically for you – and explain why you might see a different result set than somebody else.

If you constantly search for something and keep clicking the same result, Google (and Bing) will recognize this and start showing you that result higher up for that search. This is useful because a ton of people still use search navigationally (e.g., they type in Facebook into Bing rather than go to in their browser).

If you’re searching for something that has a local feel, they can use your location to bring up a map pack.

Whether this map pack shows up (and even where it shows up