SEO For Artists: 10 Tips –

SEO For Artists: 10 Tips –

SEO For Artists: 10 Tips

As saturated as the internet may be with content, search engines optimization remains more important than ever when it comes to making your music findable. Here, we look at ten tips for getting your SEO on track.

Guest post from the Bandzoogle Blog

There are a lot of ways to look for information or discover new content online, but when people want to find something specific they usually turn to search engines. 

Practically everyone uses a search engine every day to find something, and some of those people are your fans, or could become your fans. For you as a musician the trick is to understand what they’re searching for when it comes to your music, and then providing great content that answers their search.

The internet may already be saturated with content, but improving your website to get more traffic from search engines can help you carve out your own space online. That makes search engine optimization (SEO) more important than ever, so let’s talk about some ways to get your band website ranking in those search results.

1. Know what your SEO goals are

Before spending time and effort optimizing your website for search, take some time to decide what you want to get out