Top reasons to avoid ‘affordable SEO services’ – AZ Big Media

Top reasons to avoid ‘affordable SEO services’ – AZ Big Media

Can we get straight with you for a minute and say what needs to be said?

These so-called Affordable SEO Services are ruining your business! And if you think we made that bold statement just to put you in a state of panic, you’d be wrong.

You SHOULD be alarmed, but you should also start undoing the changes needed to make your website prosper.

But if you’re asking why you should avoid affordable SEO agencies or what is affordable SEO in the first place, then worry not because we’ll answer your questions here.

Let’s begin!

What do we mean by “Affordable SEO Services”?

Short answer: anything that sounds too good to be true. Since there are various degrees of “affordability,” a quote from an SEO company that seems to be more attractive than what you could imagine is something to stay away from.

For example, for a company bringing in millions per month, a price of $10,000/month is “affordable,” however the same cannot be said for a startup just getting their foot off the ground. Since affordability is a relative term, there’s no exact price we can state as an example.

What we can say is that good SEO never comes cheap. That’s just a fact.

If you go with an agency that promises to get you on the first page of Google for a price that’s significantly lower than others, that’s a red flag. They