Online sites with biggest Google search growth during COVID-19 were … – Chain Store Age

Online sites with biggest Google search growth during COVID-19 were … – Chain Store Age

Some familiar names and a couple of surprises pop up among the 10 e-commerce sites with the biggest pandemic growth in Google search performance.

Tech giant Apple ranked first in absolute Google search engine optimization (SEO) visibility increase, according to a new measurement of e-commerce brands’ overall improvement in Google search visibility during 2020 from digital marketing analytics provider Searchmetrics. Following Apple were Amazon (which straddles the line between tech giant and online marketplace) and online marketplaces eBay and Etsy. 

The first possible surprise member of the top 10 list was telecommunications provider Verizon at number five, followed by Microsoft and  The Home Depot. Video game brand Nintendo was also a less expected entrant on the list at number eight, followed by possible surprise member (an audio content platform owned by Amazon) at number nine and discount chain Target at number 10. 

Searchmetrics classifies Apple, Verizon, Microsoft and Nintendo as electronics brands; Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Target as consumer goods brands; Home Depot as a home improvement brand; and as a personal development brand. Target and Home Depot are the only traditional brick-and-mortar retailers whose online retail stores rank among the top 10 e-commerce with the highest Google search performance growth during COVID-19. 

Interestingly, no fashion e-commerce stores improved their search performance enough to make it into the overall top 10 winners list. According to Searchmetrics, Macy’s lost over 20% of its search visibility during 2020, while H&M, ASOS, and global fashion search platform Lyst were the top three brands that made the biggest