Why Does Your SaaS Website Need SEO – ASAP – BBN Times

Why Does Your SaaS Website Need SEO – ASAP – BBN Times

Why Does Your SaaS Website Need SEO - ASAP

Looking for unexplored digital channels that will bring quality leads for your SaaS product?

If you have not tried SEO and content marketing, the right timing is ASAP.

Getting organic leads is a process that takes more time compared to paid marketing, but after the initial investment period, organic growth becomes a steady source of traffic and conversions. What’s even better is that creating a great SaaS SEO strategy can be easier compared to working on an eCommerce, informational, or a local business website. If your niche is not highly competitive, you can start getting results in 3 to 4 months.

If you need more proof before digging in keyword research and technical optimizations, see our top 5 reasons to start working on SEO right now:

1. High Conversion Rate = Lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

SEO 2019 2020

The most significant benefit of search engine traffic is that the user takes the first step by typing in the search query. That means that you’ll be able to reach your prospects at a time when they’re looking for a software product like yours, or they have a problem which your solution can fix.

The conversion rate of organic traffic in the technology sector is 15%, which is much higher than other digital channels. Also, the people who land on your pages and subscribe for a demo or a test trial have a higher potential